The LI Law Podcast

Special Episode: Staying positive on Long Island

March 18, 2020

Dear Listeners,

I do not have to tell you that the amount of information (some accurate, some not) which is prevalent and available from all sources now is overwhelming...which is why I hope to continue to provide some relief for listeners who need to escape the fear and anxiety by thinking about something else at least for a few minutes.  Therefore, I will continue to broadcast episodes which have nothing to do with our current health crisis here on Long Island as well as throughout the world.  As I look through my favorite podcasts, they are all focusing on events which are largely beyond our control unless we are self-quarantining.  So, I will do what I can to help all of us stay calm.

Yet, we live on this planet and cannot deny that major changes have occurred to the way we live our lives.  We are getting through this together and will continue to do so by helping each other.  To that point:

1. If you are young and healthy - and available to deliver groceries to older Long Island residents who are staying home (or if you need groceries and cannot leave your home) - you can call Jayne Guarino at 516.320.0715 or e-mail her at to volunteer.

2. If you have received your letter from the U.S. Census Bureau - or not - now is the time to be counted!  Under-reporting will cost Long Island $ and lead to less federal money to our area for schools, roads, and other public services, as well as a possible loss of 1 or more seats in the House of Representatives.  Please respond by April 1st at

If you have positive and encouraging reports of how Long Islanders are helping one another, please e-mail me at so I may share your stories with other listeners. Thank you.

Stay safe, well, and healthy!