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Ep 36: Charles Eric Gordon, Esq., an investigative attorney, discusses finding missing heirs, beneficiaries, and debtors.

February 19, 2020

Welcome to the LI Law Podcast.  We feature legal issues and developments which affect Long Island residents and business owners.  The podcast focuses on Long Island law topics and includes greater New York court and legislative happenings.  If you are one of the approximate 8 million residents of Long Island (Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Kings counties), or want to enjoy all law-related matters on Long Island, this podcast is for you!

Our guest on this 36th episode is Charles Eric Gordon, Esq.,  an investigative attorney serving the legal profession and its clients in locating heirs, beneficiaries, shareholders, witnesses, debtors and other missing people, especially those who have been absent for an extended period of time and/or about whom little information is known.  Mr. Gordon also investigates possible cases of rent regulation fraud by tenants.

Admitted to practice before the New York State and local Federal courts, he has over forty years of investigative experience and has served as a special investigative counsel to a New York City government agency.  Mr. Gordon serves on the Board of Directors of the Society of Professional Investigators and is a member of the World Association of Detectives, the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement, and the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers and contributed a chapter on creativity in investigations to the recently published treatise "The Art of Investigation."

Charles Eric Gordon, Esq.’s contact information is:

185 Froehlich Farm Boulevard

Woodbury, New York

Office: (516) 433-5065

Mobile: (516) 659-0956


Welcome to the podcast, Charlie!

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Your host, Zehava Schechter, is an attorney admitted to the New York Bar for 30 years.  She concentrates her private practice in estate planning, administration, and litigation; real estate law; contracts, and business formation and dissolution. 


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