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Ep 22: Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Valerie M. Cartright discusses town issues, initiatives, challenges, and programs.

October 30, 2019

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Our guest on this 22th episode is Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Valerie M. Cartright. 

Valerie M. Cartright was first elected in 2013 and is currently serving her third term as Councilwoman for Council District One in the Town of Brookhaven. Councilwoman Valerie Cartright has worked to ensure responsible, Smart Growth, Community Based Planning within her district, including the continuing development of various Land Use Plans. She has been a champion of our local environment and secured funding for infrastructure upgrades and water quality programs for our shorelines, harbor and marinas. 

Councilwoman Cartright has upgraded and renovated numerous public parks across her communities and spearheaded the opening of a new passive and historic park in her district. Councilwoman Cartright diligently serves as Town Board Liaison to Environmental Protection, the Town Clerk and Utilities. She continuously works with community groups and residents in her district in an “open-door, collaborative approach” to find solutions. 

She has worked with the community on issues such as housing, crime and drug prevention, and land use and planning. More specifically, she has worked with residents, civics and Stony Brook University to address illegal rental housing in the Stony Brook area, and proposed town code amendments to help address the problem.

Councilwoman Cartright serves as a Committee member of the Association of Towns, an organization that serves New York’s 933 town governments by providing training programs, research and information services, technical assistance, legal services, insurance programs and a variety of publications. The Association represents town governments by providing advocacy in Albany, monitoring legislation and regulatory action, lobbying and presenting initiatives solely on behalf of towns.

Councilwoman Cartright received her Juris Doctorate from Touro College Jacob D. Fuschberg Law Center in Suffolk County, after receiving her undergraduate degree in International Studies from West Virginia University. During her legal career, she has earned numerous awards for academic excellence, and contributions and service to the law school and legal community. 

For the past sixteen years, Ms. Cartright has served as a tireless and community-conscious advocate and attorney, focusing primarily in the areas of civil rights and criminal defense. She regularly serves as a Panelist or Guest Lecturer for Bar Association events, speaking on various legal issues and at various community organization events speaking on community issues.

In addition to serving as Councilwoman, Ms. Cartright presently serves as an Adjunct Instructor at St. Joseph's College in Patchogue, Long Island, in the Human Services Management and Leadership Graduate Master's Program, teaching Leadership, Law and Ethics in Human Services course.

Councilwoman Cartright takes great pride in being of Haitian descent. She is happily married with a beautiful daughter, considers herself a devout Christian and feels blessed to be a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Contact information for Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Valerie M. Cartright:

1 Independence Hill
Farmingville, NY 11738
p (631) 451-6963
f (631) 451-6447  

Thank you, Councilwoman Cartright, and welcome to the podcast!

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