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Ep 15: Demar Tyson speaks about incarceration, re-entry into society, and his paradigm shift.

September 25, 2019

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Our guest on this 15th episode is Demar Tyson, Publisher of the Urban Life News Magazine, clothing designer, and licensed barber in Baldwin, New York.

Demar Tyson has been incarcerated four times at the Nassau County Correctional Facility, serving a combined 16 years in upstate and federal facilities starting at the age of 16. Tyson’s most recent term of incarceration was in a federal facility for a period of 52 months. These experiences have afforded him a deeper knowledge and insight into the criminal justice system and its impact on inmates and their families. 

It was during this last term of incarceration that Demar began to realize that he had a greater purpose. Rather than self-loathe or succumb to the negativity around him, Demar became focused on improving his circumstances by way of motivational speaking and self-empowerment. Tyson firmly believed that “As a man Thinketh in his Heart, so is he,” which comes from his favorite book by James Allen. The book laid the seeds for a paradigm shift and has become a part of Demar’s lifestyle and daily mantra. 

From these experiences came the birth of URBAN LIFE NEWS MAGAZINE in 2014, a platform of expression and education, insight and motivation. This one articulate and dope publication combines Hip Hop - Street Culture and refined living. The Past, Present and The Future of Hip Hop Culture show-CASED tells the greatest truth. Dropping jewels and giving education through flash back pictures of neighborhood stars and legendary hustles, keeping listeners informed of the latest laws with legal essays and briefs which provide insight into Hip Hop Street culture and ultimately, reform.

Demar hopes to inspire currently and formerly incarcerated persons and has worked with the Nassau County District Attorney’s office on matters involving re-entry into society of gang members as well as advising juveniles detained by the system.  He is married with 2 children.

Here is Demar Tyson’s contact information:

Urban Life News Magazine:

Instgram: @Urbanlifenewsmag

Facebook: urban life news magazine

Twitter: @urbanlifenews  

Youtube: Urban Life News Magazine


Clothing Line: Paperwork Good, apparel. @paperwork_palace


Private Barbershop: @kitchen_chair 2270 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, New York 11510

Telephone: (516) 588-0007  By Appointment Only.


Thank you, Demar, and welcome to the podcast!


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